A casino in Enid, OK???.

If an Indian tribe, worked through all of the bureaucratic process with the Bureau of Indian Affairs and may build a casino in downtown Enid, are you for or against it? If you live in Enid and occasionally visit other casinos across the state, you probably run into others you know from Enid, partaking in the recreation furnished by the casinos. These are the same some people that have left our town and therefore are spending their recreation dollars elsewhere. They are shopping at the stores, eating on the restaurants, and staying at the hotels inside area.
A brief history:
The ability to run bingo games was among the many concessions made to tribes in Oklahoma. Then some very ingenious person designed a bingo game that appeared as if a video slot. We have seen the tiny digital bingo card at the top corner with the display screen of the video slot. From that invention forward, Oklahoma casinos began to spring up everywhere. After all, you're still playing bingo, just in a new and technical way. Later, a gaming compact involving the tribes along with the State of Oklahoma allowed using Vegas style video poker machines, poker, and blackjack. Thus, bigger and much better casinos were built and therefore are still being built throughout Oklahoma.
A casino is only able to be built within historic tribal boundaries and after that placed in a trust using the U.S. government. Since Enid does not have any casino, is the reason? Then upon researching Garfield County, Oklahoma via Wikipedia, it turned out found, that prior to Land Run of 1893, Garfield County was named O County and was part of the Cherokee Outlet, occupied by the Cherokee people following a Treaty of New Echota and the Cherokee trail of tears. Historically, the region was a hunting ground from the Wichita, Osage, and Kiowa tribes. Does that qualify us to be within historic tribal boundaries?
Positive facets of a casino in Enid:
1. The revenues generated from casinos are come to operate tribal governments and programs because of its citizens. In addition, a portion from the revenue is split using the State of Oklahoma.
2. Tribes use the revenues to boost infrastructure.
3. Related sightseeing attractions are built.
4. Jobs are set up.
5. The added income and influx of tourists increase retail trade.
6. Promotes tribal economic development.
7. The casinos donate to local charities.
8. A survey of casino patrons found out that over 80 percent with the visitors to casinos were considering also doing something apart get more info from gambling. So the casino becomes an anchor for other tourism attractions like family water parks.
9. The casinos create new lines of cooperative economic development between American Indians and non-Indian entrepreneurs.
10. Casinos supply a magnet for outside money that didn't previously exist.
11. Local resident who used to travel outside with the area now stays within the region.
12. More construction jobs are created building casinos.
13. Gambling is surely an accepted method for governments to increase funds. It is seen as an source of money that is easier to obtain because it's not a tax on individuals.
14. In several communities the following businesses showed an rise in profits, attendance, and customers after an internet casino came to their area:
a. Retail stores
b. Golf
c. Local arts and crafts shows
d. Hunting and fishing activities
e. Horse trail rides
f. Festivals and events had higher attendance
g. Movie theaters
h. Historical sites were visited more regularly
i. Scenic drives
j. Walking trails
k. Water parks
l. Biking trails
m. Roller skating
n. Fitness centers
Negative elements of a casino in Enid
1. Tourism dollars hinge how well the casino pays out. Winners may spend freely, but losers may return purchases and cut their hotel stays short.
2. For some gambling becomes a dependency.
3. Gambling kills time, and subtracts from time spent on useful endeavors.
4. Locally-owned businesses go bankrupt because consumers have changed their expenditures to casinos.
5. Wealthy Indian gaming tribes pour huge amounts of money into political campaigns at both state and federal levels. (Source: Special Investigation by Donald L. Barlett and James B,. Steele, Time Magazine, December 2002.)
6. Wealthy Indian gaming tribes are also influencing gambling along with other policies affecting Native Americans by handing quite a bit to influential lobbying firms. (Source: Special Investigation by Donald L. Barlett and James B, Steele, Time Magazine, December 2002.)
7. In towns with casino's, there is an increase in the following:
a. Crime
b. Suicide
c. Addiction
d. Bankruptcy
e. Domestic violence
f. Drug and alcohol addiction
g. Divorce
h. Embezzlement
What is Gambling Addiction?
Gambling addiction is known as an action addiction. When gambling, the hormones, adrenaline and endorphins, are self-produced. As the person gambles more regularly, it contributes to tolerance to the adrenaline and endorphins, so that it takes more gambling and stakes, to obtain the equal high. Recent studies show that video slot gambling fires up the human brain the same way that cocaine does. (Source: Stop the Casino 101 Coalition)
If a casino were to petition to come to downtown Enid, what would be your opinion? Do you think it would enhance our community or bring social problems we may not want to handle?

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